Kathleen's philosophy about design and education is founded on her studies at the Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology, where experimental learning and creative approaches to problem solving were encouraged. These experiences refined her ideas about what is effective in childrens' educational materials. Her books and guides provide teachers and parents with valuable learning tools that help kids explore and absorb complex subjects while they enjoy themselves.

Frank Lloyd Wright for Kids: His Life and Ideas

With its simple prose, handsome layout and hands-on approach, Thorne-Thomsen's biography/activity book is an unusually effective art book for children. The edible graham-cracker-and-icing model of Fallingwater is priceless. Ages 8–up.—Publisher's Weekly, April 18, 1994

Greene & Greene for Kids: Art Architecture Activities

Thorne-Thomsen's book works on every level. It is deeply interesting, filled with challenging projects and—best of all—it treats children like small but intelligent humans. Those who aspire to write non-fiction for children could learn a lot from this author. —Januarymagazine.com, Best of 2004 list

Thorne-Thomsen presents the history, culture, and art of Greene and Greene through clear descriptions, fun activities, and lots of pictures. She has brought the Arts & Crafts movement to life. A visual masterpiece.—School Library Journal

Books in order of publication: Railroads of Change; The Sustainability Book for Kids; Frank Lloyd Wright for Kids, 2nd Edition; The Huntington for Kids; Painting the Beautiful; The Way Pasadena Was; A Shaker's Dozen; Shaker Children; Frank Lloyd Wright for Kids, 1st Edition; Why the Cake Won't Rise; Mother Goose in Stitches, Dover; Alice In Stitches; Mother Goose In Stitches; American Cross-Stitch. Guides for Kids: Union Station; Getting There.